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Meet to the Best Servo Manufacturer in Delhi:

We are a fast emerging brand in the country when anyone thinks about reliable servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in India.

We never ever comprised upon quality stuff and integrated chip sets and other components planted in our transformers and voltage stabilizers, our credibility as a leading automatic voltage stabilizer manufacturers soared to new heights.

In a bid to emerge among prominent class of transformer manufacturers, comprehensive testing and QA (quality analysis) is done in every single unit which is finished. Our real admiration and inspiration is drawn from satisfied customers and when we see a real smile of peace and trust on their faces.

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To provide a powerful, safe, secure and reliable solution for power conditioning issues.

Specific electronic and mechanical equipments and machinery is installed to carry out testing and to ensure that quality and safety reaches our homes and factories when you desire trust. Besides, as we extend specific-time warranty on our every product, specialized customer care service is set up where such queries are registered and solution is provided.
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As we plant a tree by the name Servo Tech, we are steadfast to our commitment to grow by providing explicit power fluctuation solution to clients from different backgrounds.
With great minds, with deep engineering experience coming together to form a versatile group, is what is known today as Servo Tech. In other words, with years of hard work and constant dedication to profession, there comes a feeling of confidence born out of accumulated expertise and the same is the case with us too. Even though, we have gained prominence as a leading servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer, but still, we perceive a long road ahead with more progress to be made.


  • Which of the industries you serve through your products?
    Our quality Servo products are perfectly suitable for various industries and domestic use like; Servo for Hotels, Servo for Office, Servo for Home, Servo for Malls & more.
  • Why we should go with you?
    We have more than 5 years of industry experience with number of happy clients all over India. We are committed to deliver quality Servo Stabilizers & Servo Transformers in Delhi.
  • Do you deliver custom required Servo?
    Yes, we are capable to handle your Servo product query not matter what is the requirement, we can manufacture the Servo Stabilizer and Transformer as per your need for Domestic & Industrial both.
  • What is your Vision?
    To build a credible brand and corporate image, by providing high quality products & innovative solutions.